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Nurturing Excellent Communicators from the Cradle

Nurturing a reading habit in our young Muslims has many benefits. For a start, you may start reading aloud to story books or nursery rhymes they prefer or enjoy. Over time, grow their independence by guiding them with self-reading. Regardless of the type of books, instilling the joy of reading is one of the best ways for children to learn about the world, retain ideas, and store information in their minds.

When reading is started from a young age, it will become a life habit. Children who love to read are motivated to source for books they enjoy, are creative, inquisitive, good writers and communicators, and are likely to continue the reading habit throughout adulthood.

Today’s blog shares how reading can help your children’s intellectual growth and development.


  1. Support Cognitive and Language Skills


Reading helps your children discover more about the world and helps them make sense of what they see, hear and feel. However, more importantly, it improves your child’s brain connectivity as they grow their vocabulary and language skills which are essential as they enter school. When they can comprehend what they read, they become more confident and happier children.


  1. Discovering Emotional Intelligence

Immersing themselves in the stories’ characters helps them discover different feelings and increases their emotional intelligence. Illustrations, images, or words they read can help them discover emotions and traits such as happiness, anger, sadness, empathy, compassion, patience, kindness, and so on. Over time, they will learn to implement these emotions in their communication and can respond better and positively in situations or with other children or adults.


  1. Forging a Positive Bond Between Child and Parent

Creating a reading hour or schedule regularly helps you forge stronger relationships with your children. Reading time allows your child to have their ”Umi and me” or ”Abah and me’ time. These feelings of love and attention encourage positive growth and development. Even when you are reading to babies, while they may not understand the words you are saying yet, reading aloud reassures them as they relate a familiar voice to comfort and safety.


  1. Improve Imagination and Curiosity

Curiosity and imagination are great traits to have in children as it helps them learn how to be good thinkers, become resilient, be productive, inspire enthusiasm, and ignite curiosity. Stories from the Quran, the Prophets, Caliphs, Sahabiyah, or fiction cartoon books for children can enlighten and to inspire children’s imagination and curiosity. At the same time, stories from these books showcase different traits and skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, innovation, and much more.


  1. Cultivate a Reading Habit for Life

Reading is highly encouraged in Islam as Allah SWT attaches importance to understanding the written words in the Quran. Cultivating a life-long reading habit opens the path to humankind’s most profound and sacred knowledge. Developing reading habits helps to broaden their knowledge and understand a magnitude of things that is beneficial for them to be productive and progressive individuals. Support and cheer your children with constant encouragement and get them to attempt and increase their knowledge and skill sets through books.


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