Beautiful Stories Last Forever

About Us

Assalamualaikum and welcome to Qissoh Family Store.

Qissoh is a Muslim based family lifestyle store founded by husband and wife couple Ustaz Faisal Ayub and Ustazah Rita Rahim. We offer English, Malay and Arabic and Islamic reading materials for both parents and children; learning resources and educational toys for children; and novelties and gifts for family and friends. Through our product offerings, we hope to bring you on a journey of creating memories, discovering new knowledge and insights and reminiscing stories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Qissoh store is a reflection of our founders’ drive that is to inspire strong, compassionate, respectful, learned and God-obliging Muslim families.

Qissoh in itself is an Arabic term for “story”. We believe that behind every product is a ‘Qissoh’ on its own and has the potential to set strong family foundations and environments where your family can thrive at home and as individuals in all aspects of life.

Start your Qissoh journey with us and create your very own memorable story for you and your family in every step of your life's journey.

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