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The Mother’s Lap is the Child’s First Madrasah

A mother’s influence has a big impact on a child’s development especially in their growing years. After all, a child’s first madrasah is on the lap of the mother. As such, mothers play a big role to in nurturing & imparting values and knowledge of Islam to their children.

One of the key things to teach our children in being a righteous Muslim is the value of love and respect for their parents. In order for our children to practice that, we will have to start projecting the same values to them.

There are many ways for mothers to inculcate these values to their children even at a very young age.

Here are several tips to teaching our kids to speak with respect.

  1. Acknowledge them by mentioning their names and speak to them in a gentle and polite manner.
  2. Listen attentively and provide eye contact to your children when they are engaging with you.
  3. Allow them to finish their sentences and do not stop them abruptly.
  4. Provide kind words when calming them down.
  5. Cultivate a sense of curiosity in your children by encouraging them to ask questions to build their knowledge and confidence.

Prophet Muhammad SAW is a good example on how he treats the children around him during his time. We can take many lessons from his ways. Our home is the place where our children learn the values and attributes of being a learned and good Muslim. Let’s make our home a conducive place for them to thrive as a productive and respectable individual.

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