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Developing Good Manners Starts Early

Our children mirror our behaviours. As role models, parents play a big role in inculcating good manners and behaviours to our children and it begins when they are very young. By practising these mannerisms, act as a guide for them to be Muslims with adab and values when they become young adults.

Here are some good mannerisms when eating.

1. Get them to use their right hands when they eat, drink, or even when they are giving and taking things too.

2. Encourage them to sit when they drink or eat.

3. Remind them to recite Bismillah before eating and Alhamdulillah after finishing their food.

More than just being good manners, these teachings are also Sunnah. Let them know that on top of practising good manners, they are also earning rewards with Allah SWT, Masyallah!

At Qissoh, we believe that every child is a gift. If you are keen on learning how our Prophet Muhammad SAW treats children around him, visit our Shop, Books section to make a purchase of this wonderful resource. Tag us on our Facebook and IG page and share with us the key lessons we can all benefit from the book.

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