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Key to the Garden Book and Card Game Set


Enjoy a discount when you purchase The Key to the Garden book and card game as a bundle.

Excite your kids with everything related to Jannah and arm them with the knowledge on how to get there through games and stories.

This set includes the Key to the Garden Book (a book from Pillars of Iman Series), and The Key to the Garden Card Game.

Key to the Garden Book (Pillars of Iman Series)

Being a kid is not easy. So many rules to abide by! What if your reaction to a situation that is not going your way opens a door? What will you see behind that door? Ihsan opens his bedroom door but what he sees beyond catches him by surprise. He enters unexpected places – one that shakes his being to the core and the other, a place he doesn’t want to leave.

If you were given a key based on your deeds, which door will you open?

Key to the Garden Card Game

We all want to get to the Garden. Do we know how? Don’t get sidetracked by the purple monster sneaking up on you or the temptations of this world. They can be distracting and divert you from what matters, which is – collecting your keys to the gardens of Jannah! You don’t need special superpowers to get there, just a good heart and lots of good deeds. Still, your enemy is persistent. Keep all the blessings you get to overcome your obstacles and avoid bad deeds. But don’t worry – if you have sincerely made Tawbah (repentance), your obstacles and bad deeds will be wiped away.

Have fun collecting the Keys to the Garden!

56 Key to the Garden cards
Instruction sheet
Ages 4 and up