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Zam Zam water


As Muslims, Zam Zam water is well known by all due to its seerah, history. Among the benefits of Zam Zam water are:

1. Zamzam Water enhances energy levels in our cells.

2. Zamzam Water contains no germs or bacteria. Zamzam Water was found to be completely free of germs and bacteria because of its high levels of fluoride.

3. Zamzam Water is known for its purity
With a perfect bicarbonate amounts higher than the total found in water sourced from the French Alps, Zamzam Water is commonly known to be the purest on the planet.

4. Zamzam Water is rich in Calcium and Magnesium.

5. Zamzam Water encourages the growth of healthy bones

The list of Zamzam Water health benefits can go on and on and on. Zamzam Water, after all, has long been regarded as one of the purest and most spiritually-healing bodies of water on earth.

Weight: 5 Litres
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from sunlight
Packaging: Clear Bottle