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A5 Humaira Tagging Al Amin (Navy Blue)


The size of this al-Quran is ideal and practical to be brought anywhere and everywhere!

The cover is made of PU leather making it look elegant and stylish.

The zipper makes it easy for us to keep our Quran neat, tidy and refrain it from getting torn.

1. Tagging on selected verses and surah with khatam tracher and 30 Juzu Indicators
2. Tafsir and tagging in Bahasa Melayu
3. Waqaf guidance
4. 7 main content divisions: Akidah, Mumalah, Sirah Nabawi, Asmaul Husna, etc.

169 Taggings
Format: PU leather cover, 24 x 18 cm.
Script: Uthmani